UOB and LRI sign cooperation agreement

UOB and LRI sign cooperation agreement

The President of the University of Balamand, Dr. Elias Warrak, and the Director of the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI), Dr. Maya Nehme, signed a cooperation agreement through which LRI will be managing the Farid & Daad Karam Reserve, in Kaftoun, over the next 10 years. The specific purpose of this agreement is to list the areas of collaboration between the two entities and set the framework, guidelines and conditions for the collaboration on the management of the Reserve.

Since both parties have common interest in effective forest protection and management, biodiversity conservation, environmental awareness and education, and rural development, as well as forestry-related research; and since both parties have previously collaborated successfully on several projects related to fire prevention, forest fire-related research and similar topics, they both expressed their interest in further developing this collaboration. The Reserve will not only serve as headquarter for LRI in North Lebanon, but will also be the site of their educational, awareness and training activities for the whole region.

President Warrak emphasized the importance of this agreement in projecting the true image of the University, which is one of an institution that is fully devoted to protecting the natural environment and is deeply involved in improving the wellbeing of its community.

From her side, Dr. Nehme promised that the Farid & Daad Karam Reserve will become a hub for the various environmental activities of LRI and will remain a beacon for raising awareness in the future generation, through education and training.

This cooperation agreement is valid until December 30, 2030, and can be renewed upon agreement of both parties.

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