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Third Arab Conference on Geographical Names ACGN

Beirut – Monroe Hotel
Date: May 30 – 31, 2007

Conference Attendees: Directorate of Geographic Army D.A.G, Delegation of Lebanon, Delegation of Palestine, Delegation of Saudi Arabia, Delegation of United Arab Emirates, Delegation of Kuwait, Delegation of Qatar, Delegation of Algeria, Delegation of Morocco, Delegation of Libya, Delegation of Egypt, Delegation of the League of Arab States.

Exhibition Attendees: University of Balmand, Islamic University of Lebanon CNRS , Khatib & Alami, GIS Transport, MGGP, Almourad Topcon, Order of Topography in Lebanon, Directorate of Geographic Army D.A.G. 

The Conference objectives were mainly:

  • Organization and rules of procedure of the Arab division of experts on geographical names
  • Standardization of the Arabic system for transliteration of Geographical Names from Arabic alphabet to Latin Alphabet (Arabic Romanization System)
  • Founding the Arabic Cartographic Association ACA

The conference ended up by affirming the organization rules and electing a president, vice president and two members for the ACGN. The rules were slightly modified based on recommendation from the representatives of Arabic countries. 

The attendees took a brief look on the Arabic Romanization system that didn’t seem to cover all aspect of the Arabic alphabet. Therefore they elected a committee of Arabic language experts to evaluate and upgrade the current system.

The ACA was not founded during the ACGN due to disagreement between various Arabic country representatives. They decided to postpone the discussion for two month in order to receive an approval from their governments.

Concerning the exhibition, we actually grabbed the attention of all the attendees from various nationalities. We noticed from the exhibition an interest from the Arabic world in University GIS certification program. 

Third Arab Conference on Geographical Names ACGN 1

Third Arab Conference on Geographical Names ACGN 2
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