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The importance of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technologies cannot be over-emphasized in modern-day, post-war Lebanon. However, implementation of these novel and very powerful tools within the country civil service has been rather slow. As a result, the Lebanese public sector has not been able to harness this technology and reap its benefits. The reasons behind this set-back have been many and diversified. To begin with, initial investments in GI-systems are relatively high. There is also the pre-requisite of adequately trained and skilled staff who must be conversant with such systems. These hurdles have been very frustrating to systems suppliers, developers, and academics who collectively are highly skilled and keen to see such novel applications penetrate the market. Engineering departments have been particularly affected since this has prevented them from advancing their GIS teaching or research programs and directing their graduates to the local job markets. To break the dead-lock, a unique model has been pioneered by three partners: University of Balamand Engineering Faculty, ArabiaGIS and Amioun Municipality.  The latter two represent the private industrial and public sectors respectively. The three parties joined forces in order to put in place a fully functional web-based system offering electronic local authority services to the public. These services ranged from tax payments to tourist information to property and business advertising to utility networks as well as many more. In realizing the pilot system, each party has contributed its know-how, its contacts and its full potential. Consequently, each has achieved its institutional objective: Amioun has become more efficient in its government, ArabiaGIS has achieved an integrated system which it can advertise, and Balamand University has trained its students on a real project and given them added value for their education.
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