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Goals of the IOE

In order to fulfill its mission, the Institute of the Environment endeavors to meet the following goals:
  • To focus the attention of the University of Balamand on environmental issues through academic institutions, research, activism, service and the raising of awareness
  • To play an active role in improving environmental conditions on the local, national, regional and global level
  • To provide expertise in environmental management and related specialties
  • To broaden employment opportunities in the area of the environment
  • To encourage ecosystem preservation by promoting sustainable use of the marine and terrestrial resources
  • To provide a forum for and to assist the discussion and advancement of professional environmental practices
  • To convene and hold seminars, lectures and conferences in relation to professional environmental practices
  • To encourage and develop discussions among the associated professions and the community at large
  • To provide expert services for government institutions and other bodies and maintain and develop information systems within its area of specialization and participate in international cooperation relevant to its function
The Institute aims to have four main branches:
  • UNESCO- Cousteau Echotechnie Chair
  • Marine Station
  • Department of Land Resources Management and Conservation
  • Department of Agroecology
While many of the objectives are common to the different branches of the Institute, each division will specialize in its own area of expertise. The Institute, and through its four branches, will therefore meet its mission by investing in:
  • Education
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Consultation at the Policy Level
  • Raising of Awareness
  • Transference of  Knowledge and Technology
  • Dissemination of Information
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