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Supporters of the Institute

The Institute of the Environment was officially launched in January 2004.   Discussions on the formation objectives, and vision of this Institute, though, began years before the launching.  Individuals throughout the university and friends of the university abroad were instrumental in transforming an idea into an institution.
Thanks and gratitude are first extended to President Elie Salem, whose original idea and follow-up led to a series of serious discussions, all of which eventually resulted in the formation of the Institute. Instrumental in the development of those discussions were:
  • Vice-President Dr. George Nahas, one of the fathers of the Institute from the very beginning and whose meeting with Mr. Papandreauou, Foreign Affairs Minister of Greece, resulted in the funds that launched the Institute in January 2004;
  • Dr. Berj Hatjian, appointed special consultant for the evaluation of the Institute by President Salem, who was the first to launch environmental projects at the University and was thus instrumental in introducing the idea that the University could benefit from committing to the environmental field;
  • Vice-President Dr. Nadim Karam, who was instrumental in the initial discussions and development of the Institute, and who was the first Director of the Institute;
  • Dr. Manal Nader, who was a primary author of two fundamental documents: the original and final proposal of the Institute, and the proposal that contributed to winning the financial support of the Greek government, and the current Director of the Institute.
Additional thanks are also extended to:
  • Dr. Khatmeh Osseirann, of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, for her integral contributions to the final document of the Institute, the European experts, for their advice and support,
  • the Greek government, and most notably, the Greek President, for their financial support.
  • Dr. Michel Najjar, Dean of the Faculties of Science and Engineering, and professors in the Faculties of Science and Health, namely Drs. Jihad Attieh, Daniel Ayuch, Mervat El Hoz, Oussama Jadayel, Hanna Nakat, Marwan Owaygen, and Reine Youssef.
The individuals mentioned clearly do not reflect a complete list of the Institute's supporters. The list is merely an attempt to thank those most influential in transforming the idea of the Institute into a tangible, operational structure
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