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Collection and Identification of Solid Wastes Caught off the Coast of El Mina

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Funded by the RAMOGE Agreement and the MAP/UNEP for a total of //5000// Euro, this is a pilot project that aims at calculating the different percentages of floating solid wastes off the Lebanese coast of Tripoli and Mina. Funds were also allocated to provide the participating fishermen with fishing gear and other equipment. The project is expected to expand over the whole of the Lebanese coast to raise awareness about the impacts of floating solid waste on the fishing community in particular and marine ecosystems in general. Launched on August 1st, 2005 and ended on December 30th 2005, the action has recorded the following:
  • Establishing the methodology of implementation and collection

  • Developing data log-sheets and the related special software for data analysis

  • Training for MRCZM staff on the special software application

  • Training of participating fishermen on collection methodology and filling of data log-sheet

  • Collecting solid waste for analysis every Tuesday and Friday including filled data log-sheets

    The implementation of these projects is assisted by the Program's full-time assistants and by students in the Environmental Science Program at the Faculty of Sciences.  In addition to this practical, academic research, the Program had its first conference publication presented at the International Workshop on Marine and Coastal Protected Areas in Morocco.
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