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Enviromental Communication Program

Launched in April 2005, the Environmental Communication Program is the newest addition to the IOE. It aims to research one of the main causes behind the environmental problems facing Lebanon: people's perceptions about the environment.  The Environmental Communication Program seeks to understand how we communicate with one another about the environment by studying the collective social attitudes about nature, environment, and natural resources.  Since the strength of any effort for change rests significantly upon the strength of the word itself and upon the perceptions and understanding learned from discourse, it becomes all the more essential for the discourse itself - the modes of communication - to be studied and improved upon in order to best safeguard and protect our natural environment. Environmental communication is the heart of the matter in changing people's impact on the environment.  This program is part academic, with studies that will be suitable for scholastic publication and presentation at international conferences. The program also includes a strong community outreach focus, within which it evaluates methods to broaden and improve avenues of communication and discourse on the environment.  Finally, the program serves as the internal and external communication branch of the IOE. 
The Environmental Communication Program is interested in the following fields:
  • How communication in Lebanon shapes our perceptions of environmental issues
  • Social attitudes in Lebanon towards the environment
  • Development of communication in ways that better safeguard our environment
  • Communication mechanisms of the governmental branches in Lebanon
The ongoing projects of the program include:
  • Assessing the current level of environmental discourse in the Lebanese print media
  • Increasing the visibility and allure of environmental issues within the University by developing liberal arts, environmental courses
  • Serving as the internal and external communication branch of the Institute.
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