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Graphic Design and Interior Architecture & Design are closely allied Programs with a broad professional and interdisciplinary philosophy.  They share many of the same courses.  Both design programs are committed to nurture cultural diversity while providing solid grounding in the basis of design, the use of current tools, and the high standards of professional practice.

Graphic Design students learn the effective use of text and image in the communication of messages and ideas.  Students are encouraged to dare to take different creative and personal approaches to problem solving. All types of expressions are encouraged.  Computer images, video, and/or traditional media are but means to serve an end. Personality-nurtured perception and interpretation and historical content and references, as they are discussed in class, develop each student's uniqueness.

Interior Architecture & Design students learn the standards of the profession. They use education, experience, and skills to identify, research, and creatively solve problems pertaining to interior environment to enhance the quality of life. They define the problem, determine the solution, heeding spatial opportunities and the availability of furnishings and equipment, and then produce accurate drawings reflecting the building, the site condition, the building's construction system, and its occupancy needs.

The Primary Objective of the Computer Graphics & Interactive Media Program is to prepare Students for the Art & Design Professions in which Computers have become an essential tool in the creation and transmission of Audio-Visual Ideas.

Computer Graphics & Interactive Media emphasizes the user's creativity, rather than the capability of the Computer. The Program challenges Students to apply their creativity and imagination to the latest digital tools and techniques, while the curriculum is devoted to teaching the Practice and Theory that emerge from the convergence of the new media technology. It prepares students for positions in the Art and Design Disciplines that currently employ this technology: Interactive Media, Interface Design, Computer Animation, Imaging, and Fine Arts.

Architecture is the imaginative blend of art and science in the design of environments for people. People need places to eat, work, live and play. Architects transform these needs into concepts and then develop the concepts into building images that can be constructed by others.  An architect serves in a leadership role to bring together the design and budgetary requirements set by the client, restraints of a site, needs of the building's users, and the limitations of materials into a unique and balanced design solution. Decision-making, team leadership and creativity are the key elements of making architecture.

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