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The Art Teaching Diploma Program offers sound art education theory and practice for those students with an undergraduate degree in a studio discipline or in Fine Arts.

The Program consists of courses in art education theory, student teaching, general education and a practicum, which prepare the student to enter the field of teaching.

In the Art Teaching Diploma program, the students will learn how to concentrate on the understanding of the processes involved in Art Making, and to understand the learning processes of their students. The students are encouraged to teach adolescent and young students how to think visually, rather than to simply create products aimlessly without meaning.

The students will be prepared to demonstrate the relationships between Art and Culture, Arts and History, and Art and Education.

The Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts at Balamand Campus offers the ART TEACHING DIPLOMA PROGRAM

The Diploma is granted after completion of a one year-program of two semesters after the BFA.

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