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Art Teaching Diploma

ALBA Views

Foundations in the History and Philosophy of Education            3.0: 3Cr.
An analysis of the work of the Major philosophers relating to education provides a context for an examination of our experiences as teachers and learners. Students will use these readings to raise questions and develop issues for individual and group projects

Didactics of Art and Design:                                                         3.0: 3Cr.
An approach to the development of the student behavior, the value of motivation in classrooms, and practical ways to introduce Art Criticism.

Art Education I:                                                                            3.0: 3Cr.
Introduction to the methodology of teaching art to children in the Elementary classes. This course aims to help the students evolve a personal philosophy of teaching and to translate complex artistic knowledge into forms that support children's learning.

Topics of study to include aesthetic-artistic development of children in relation to linguistic, cognitive, social, and emotional growth; lesson planning including the integration of academic skills and cultural learning; classroom management and general communication skills.

Art Education II:                                                                                                            3.0: 3Cr.
Development of teaching philosophy and goals, for Complementary and Secondary classes, based on the fundamentals of art and the cognitive-affective development of children. This course includes lesson planning, management, communication, evaluation, relation to academic skills and the use of community resources.

Art Curriculum Planning:                                                                                               3.0: 3Cr.
Study of contemporary techniques for implementation of goals in planning curricula and programs of study for all levels. Includes consideration of scope and sequence in relation to stages of development, and community and individual needs. A substantial terminal written project is required.

The Art of teaching Art and Design:                                                                                 3.0: 3Cr.
Students will reflect upon questions raised in Art classes and student teaching.

An interdisciplinary approach to research in the development of curriculum, the use of narrative to understand behavior, the value of motivation in classroom management, and some practical ways to introduce art criticism are some of the subjects for discussion.

Art teaching Practicum: Elementary Level                                                                        1.6: 3Cr.

Art teaching Practicum: Complementary And Secondary Levels                                        1.6: 3Cr.
Students are placed in cooperating schools or under the supervision of a cooperating practitioner and the University faculty.

Art Teaching Training Report:                                                                                           1.0:  3Cr.
After two semesters of Training, The student has to submit a report about his experience in Art Teaching, the evaluation of the curriculum, the restraints he faced, and the student's motivation.

This report is subject to evaluation by a Jury.

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