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Foundation Program

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AEDU 201: Methodology of Creative Approach                     1.0: 1C 
Familiarize the student with the notion of Creativity in order to allow him a better understanding of the bulk of his studies

AEDU 210: Theory of Architecture                                        3.0: 3C
Introduced as a complete organism and considered as a morphological system, Architecture is studied in the go-between the total abstract components and meanings of the real space.

AEDU216: Music Appreciation                                                2.0: 1C
Through a chronological exploration of style periods in Eastern and Western music, this course will increase students' appreciation for the music they already know and love. Students learn to aurally recognize and comprehend the various elements of music that define style, genre, and period, and develop the vocabulary to discuss them. The course also gives an overview of some popular and traditional world music.

AEDU217: Motion Pictures Appreciation                                  3.0: 1C
An introductory course in which the student will learn how to analyze films on technical, aesthetic, and thematic levels. Historically significant films will be used as source material. This course provides an overview of the historical development, emerging styles, basic components, and social importance of the motion picture as an art form. Proficiency will be demonstrated in critical essays.

ARTH201: History of Arts and Cultures I                                   3.0: 3C
Introductory course to major artistic production and human social structure, philosophic reflections, spiritual dogmas and ethnic ideologies during Pre-historic periods, Antiquity and Middle ages

ARTH202: History of Arts and Cultures II                                   3.0: 3C
Introductory course to major artistic production and human social structure, philosophic reflections, spiritual dogmas and ethnic ideologies that shaped the last two parts of human history:  Renaissance and Modern Times.

FNAT 201 and 202: Drawing I and II                                           6.0: 3C 
FNAT 221 and 222: Sketching I and II                                         4.0: 2C  
FNAT 241 and 242: Clay Modeling I and II                                   3.0: 2C
Free hand drawing, sketching and clay modeling as support to perceive rate and proportion. These studios are emphasized because most students have little or no knowledge of the bases of the discipline.

FNAT 203: Drawing III                                                                  6.0: 3C 
FNAT 204: Drawing IV                                                                  4.0: 2C  
FNAT 223 and 224: Sketching III and IV                                       2.0: 2C
Through direct observation and experimentation the student is led to develop a personal approach to expression in the portrayal of figure, landscape, and still life using a variety of materials. The student determines thematic content, conceptual approach, and style.

GRDN 201: Visual Language I                                                         4.0: 3C 
GRDN 202: Visual Language II                                                        4.0: 3C
Introduction to 2D design. Basic problem solving. Relation between 2D space, meaning, and visual effects.

GRDN 211: Theory of Color I                                                          2.0: 1C
GRDN 212: Theory of Color II                                                         2.0: 1C
Based on Johannes Itten.  Study of contrasts meaning, and relation between colors and effects. Laws of composition.

IADN 201: Spatial Depiction I                                                         2.0: 1C
IADN 202: Spatial Depiction II                                                        2.0: 1C
Introduction to means of expressing space. Scale, drafting methods, plans, sections, measurements. Basic geometry and technical media.
IADN 211: Analysis of Space I                                                         4.0: 3C
IADN 212: Analysis of Space II                                                        4.0: 3C
Introduction to components of 3D space and the variables that allow for meaningful volumes. Relation between data and solution.

TSCG 201: Computer Graphics I                                                     3.0: 2C
TSCG 202: Computer Graphics II                                                    3.0: 2C
These are introductory courses designed to give the students a general overview to the world of computer graphics, from 2D to 3D, still to time based, linear to interactive. They serve as a blind date meeting between students and the various software packages and hardware pieces they will be using throughout the remainder of the "Computer Graphics and Interactive Media" curriculum. 

ENGL203: English Communications Skills III                                    3.0: 3C
ENGL 204: English Communications Skills IV                                   3.0: 3C
*Refer to Department of English Language and Literature program.

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