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Graphic Design - Graduate

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GD 301: Graphic Design III :                                6.0: 4C Studio / Semester

GD 302: Graphic Design IV :                                6.0: 4C Studio / Semester
Advanced course dealing with information, analysis of design problems, and problem solving. Projects to include writing a design brief, researching a content area, organizing a logical hierarchy, and developing design solutions. (applications. catalogues, brochures, books, and magazines).

GD 311: Production II :                                       3.0: 2C Studio / Semester
Study of printing presses, papers, inks, special effects, and binding emphasizing the way a book is made, structured, and what it communicates.

GD 316: New Media Design I :                              4.0: 3C Studio / Semester

GD 317: New Media Design II :                             4.0: 3C Studio / Semester
Exploring multimedia.  Two-dimensional animation and interactivity and three-dimensional modeling.

GD 321: Advertising Design  :                                4.0: 3C Studio / Semester
This course deals with strategies, marketing, and concepts.

GD 326: Web Design :                                             3.0: 3C Studio / Semester
Specific problems to be addressed in reference to Web page design.

Prerequisites: GD 321


TS 301: Corporate Identity :                                   3.0: 3C Studio / Semester

TS 302:  3D Problem-Solving :                                 2.0: 2C Studio / Semester
3D modeling, packaging, design, and environmental graphic design (Signing Parks and museums).
Prerequisites: TS 301

TS 311: Legislation :                                                2.0: 2C Course / Semester
A general survey of Lebanese Laws governing work, contracts law, founding and operating  companies and associations. Common course for all disciplines.

TS 312: Business Practices for Graphic Designers :   2.0: 2C Course / Semester
This course deals with the structure and composition of an advertising agency team involved in concept and execution of an advertising, printing or publishing.
Prerequisite:  TS 311

ARTH 311: History of  Graphic Design I :                    2.0: 2C Course / Semester
Origins of  Graphic Design, from the Industrial revolution with details about styles, artists and movements


ARTH 312: History of Graphic Design II :                     2.0: 2C Course / Semester
Continuity of History of Graphic Design I; Emphasis is put on Modern Times from World War II to the Present Times.
Prerequisite:  ARTH 311

GD 303:Graphic Design V :                                          6C Studio / Semester
Research and visual concepts of 2 and 3 dimensional design issues.
Prerequisites: GD 302, GD 317

Major Electives :                                                          7C / Semester
In courses towards the chosen concentration.

GD 304: Senior Research :                                           2C / Semester
Written paper on a topic in relation with presentation. Choice of subject. Marketing and concept.  Strategy.
Prerequisite: Acceptance by Faculty Jury .

GD 306: Senior Study “A” : Media Design                    10C / Semester  

GD 307: Senior Study “B” : Advertising Design            10C / Semester
GD 308: Senior Study “C” : Production Design             10C / Semester

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