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Interior Architecture and Design - Graduate

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IAD 301: Interior Architecture and Design A :
                        6.0: 4C Studio / Semester

IAD 302: Interior Architecture and Design B :                        6.0: 4C Studio / Semester
Large detailed projects.  Auto cad presentation; Furnishings, Lighting, HVAC, and model.

IAD 311: Furniture Design and Construction :                       6.0: 3C Studio / Semester
Exploration of various types of furniture, emphasizing techniques of wood- working developed by exploration of mixed techniques allowing for new shapes.  Project plus model.

IAD 312: Construction Detailing :                                           4.0: 3C Studio / Semester

IAD 316: Introduction to Set Design :                                     2.0: 1C Studio / Semester

Introduction to Set design.  Actual scripts are used to develop set concepts and sites for shooting on location.

IAD 321: Introduction to Renovation, Rehabilitation, Restoration:4.0: 3C Studio / Semester
Students work with an historic building in order to understand what may or may not be done.  The course emphasizes the necessity to "leave the site alone" when restoration has no real value.

IAD 331: Introduction to Communication Spaces :                           2.0: 1C Studio /  Semester

Deals with all types of spaces in which information will be disseminated or displays will be shown.  The problems faced are presented by visiting rooms in public building and museums.

IAD 341: Residential Spaces  :                                                         4.0: 3C Studio / Semester

Emphasis is  put on the necessity of analyzing  various design requirements pertaining to  concepts, circulation,  and functions in a certain residential space

TS 311: Legislation :                                                                        2.0: 2C Course / Semester

A general Survey of the Lebanese Laws governing work, contracts law, founding and operating  companies and associations. Common course for all disciplines.

TS 316: 3D Studio Max for IAD :                                                        3.0: 3C Semester

Students gain an understanding of the steps required to produce visualization using the computer. Still and animated rendering. Texture, lighting, and casting shadows.

TS 321: Quantity surveying :                                                            2.0: 2C Semester

A course on the methods, contents, and presentation of construction documents: Bill of Quantities, Specification Files, and Estimation Procedures.

TS 322: Business Practices for Interior Designers :                           2.0: 2C Semester

Emphasis is on business skills necessary to open and operate an Interior Architectural Design business. 

TS 323: Interior Building Laws :                                                        2.0: 2C Semester

A course dealing with the building Laws pertaining to Interiors.

ARTH 301: History of Architecture I  :                                               2.0: 2C Course / Semester

A course dealing with the evolution and development of Architecture and the understanding of the different architectural styles and innovations from pre-history till the 13th century.

ARTH 302: History of Architecture II :                                                2.0: 2C Course / Semester

Continuation of History of Architecture I. This course covers all the historical periods from the 13th century till present day. Emphasis is put on the Lebanese Architecture beginning late 19th century and the new architectural movements of the 20th century.

IAD 303: Senior IAD Project :                                                              12.0: 6C Semester

Presentation of a project complete with all details and advanced construction document coding. The program for this project is initiated by the student and submitted to a jury for approval.

Pre requisite: Admittance for Senior Project.

TS 331: Seminar in Lighting  :                                                             1.0: 1C Studio / Semester

TS 332: Seminar in HVAC :                                                                  1.0: 1C Studio / Semester

TS 333: Seminar in Sanitary installation and Fittings  :                       1.0: 1C Studio / Semester

IAD 322: Senior Studio D : Restoration, Rehabilitation and Renovation 10C /Annually

Same as above with emphasis on a restoration project


IAD 332:Senior Studio A: Commercial :                                                 10C /Annually

An advanced course in student’s major field to complete a commercial office design project. The project is presented to a jury for approval.  Open only to students in this major in their senior year.  The course may not be taken with another course.
Prerequisite: Interior Architecture and Design Project

IAD 333: Senior Studio B : Retail Stores :                                             10C /Annually

Same as above with emphasis on a Retail Store project.

IAD 342: Senior Studio C: Residential :                                                10C /Annually

Same as above (Commercial) with emphasis on a project for a Residence.

IAD 334: Senior Studio E: Communication Spaces :                              10C /Annually

Same as above with emphasis on a Communication Spaces project.

IAD 317: Senior Studio F: Set Design :                                                 10C /Annually

Same as above with emphasis on a Set Design project.

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