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Assessment of the Final project: INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN

The Project will be graded as follows:

IADN 224 Conceptual design studio IV /100
IADN 241 HVAC /100
IADN 251 Kitchen and Bath design /100
TSID 204 Materials IV /100
TSID 222 Building construction /100
TSID 237 Model Making Workshop II /100

Assessment of the Final project: GRAPHIC DESIGN

The Project will be graded as follows:

GRDN 227 Graphic Design II /100
GRDN 237 Production I /100
TSGD 254 Photography Lab and Studio III /100
TSGD 264 Computer Imagery II /100
TSGD 267 Illustration II /100
TSGD 276 Etching /100

Assessment of the Final project: COMPUTER GRAPHICS & INTERACTIVE MEDIA:

The Project will be graded as follows:

CGIM204 Computer Graphics & Interactive Media Studio IV /100
CGIM227 Web development /100
TSCG223 Advanced Digital Video /100
TSCG224 Advanced Digital video /100

These grades will be computed as 40% of the final grades of each of the courses taken during the semester. The remaining 60% will be graded on class-work, projects, quizzes, mid-terms… done during the first and second phases of the final project.

A minimum grade of 70/100 is required in the Major Courses and minimum grade of 60/100 is required for the Technical Skills Courses.
Failure to achieve the required averages in any course means that the student will be required to repeat the failed course, in the next semester. Accordingly his graduation will be delayed until he succeeds the failed course(s) and achieves the required averages.
In addition to the above mentioned criteria for the assessment of the BFA Final Project, the Project as a whole will be assessed  as a 3 credits Major Course with a minimum grade of 70/100:

  • FPID  231 BFA Final Project – Interior Architecture and Design
  • FPGD 241 BFA Final Project – Graphic Design
  • FPCG 211 BFA Final Project – Computer Graphics & Interactive Media
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