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About the Faculty​

An academic institution which is open to the world of business

An IFFT (Institut Universitaire de Technologie) is an institution of higher education attached to a university. It offers, in 3 years after the baccalaureate, an education aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to professionally perform a job within a given occupational field.

Elements for future developments as well as professional training opportunities are also embedded into the program. University Institutes of Technology have been known in Lebanon for 15 years now and in France for over 40 years. The quality of I​FFT graduates is widely recognized by all professional sectors.

Innovative Teaching

  • An individual attention to each student;
  • Work organization combining lectures, tutorials, and small groups projects developed in partnership with institutions and enterprises;
  • Lessons heavily relying on concrete problems and many practical applications;
  • Two internships providing the stepping stones to employment;
  • Teaching teams consisting of teachers, lecturers and speakers from the professional world;
  • A high level of technical facilities, continuously updated, in close partnerships with industries.

After the IFFT: Employment or Further Education?

The IFFT is an intermediate level of Bachelor's degree (Bac +3) which allows:

  • To directly enter the workforce with a qualification recognized by employers;
  • To join upon attaining admission requirements:
    • Masters degree programs;
    • Specialized schools in engineering, business, etc…
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