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"Diplome Universitaire de Technologie" (DUT)

In Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Why choose a major in Aircraft Maintenance Technology…

Lebanon and the whole of the Middle East are witnessing a huge growth in aeronautical activity. Today, there are many private and commercial operators flying hundreds if not thousands of aircraft. Needless to say that such huge fleets need to be maintained to the highest of standards in order to ensure their safety and reliability. Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage in the region of qualified personnel who are capable of keeping all these aircraft in an air-worthy condition.

To answer the needs of the aero-industry, the University of Balamand with its long experience in the aeronautical field, is convinced that it has a duty to fulfill and a major role to play in preparing appropriately qualified and competent personnel. As such, and with the support of the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO), the Balamand DUT programs in Aircraft Maintenance Technology were designed to direct local youth to a challenging and much needed technological gap in the market.


What is a "DUT"?

The DUT is a three-year university degree, of a technical and applied nature. It recognizes the knowledge, skills and competencies of the candidate and allows transition to higher level education such as Master and Ph.D. in areas of Engineering, Science and Management. The Balamand DUT is fully certified and approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Directorate General for Civil Aviation.

Mission Statement

The Balamand program in Aircraft Maintenance Technology will seek, through first class quality education, to prepare well rounded aircraft technical personnel who are capable to become appropriately licensed to maintain the ever-growing fleets of the regional aviation industry.


Cuurently, the University of Balamand offers two options in its DUT in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. These are:

  1. Airframes and Engines (Mechanical aspects of aircraft)
  2. Avionics (Electrical, electronic and computer-based aspects of aircraft)

Both options conform to the standards of the Lebanese Directorate General for Civil Aviation and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) .

Admissions Criteria

Interested applicants should submit an application form  and:

  1. Have completed Lebanese Bacc II, technical Bacc or equivalent
  2. Pass the Balamand Entrance Exam (Maths and Physics)
  3. Sit for the Balamand Language Placement Tests

For more information, please send an email to:​​

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