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Student Testimonials

Raymond el Hajj
PhD Fellow, Montreal University, Canada
My name is Raymond el HAJJ; I was among the first students that registered in the program and the first to defend his thesis. What I feel is attractive in the program is that it's a general degree but with very specialized courses in Clinical Laboratory Sciences which will give the graduate student more than one possible outcome, and this is exactly what I experienced. During my studies, the program exposes the students to research work and to presentation (teaching-like setting). After that degree I was able to teach in universities, to supervise microbiology sections of hospital laboratories. Now, the degree has allowed me to join a PhD program at the Université de Montréal without any restrictions or remedial courses.

Nabil Hanna
PhD Fellow, Montpellier II University, France
My name is Nabil Hanna; I finished my studies in the University Of Balamand - Faculty of Health Sciences in February 2008 as a graduate student in clinical Laboratory sciences with a major focus on clinical microbiology under the direction of Dr. Ziad Daoud. I chose to study at the FHS because it offered a degree specifically within my area of interest and had a good reputation for offering quality education. This program gave me the opportunity to graduate with the potential to apply myself to whichever career path I chose. Most of the teachers helped me reach my goal at the end of my graduate studies. Today I am in France pursuing a PhD in molecular microbiology and I will be finishing at the end of this year. I also value the friendships I formed at the FHS and I really would like to come back again.

Ghina EL-Khatib
Team Leader, ISF- Forensic unit
My name is Ghina El-Khatib, a graduate student from FHS- Balamand University. I am now working at the Lebanese Internal Security Forces-Forensic Biology Laboratory (ISF-FBL) since 2008.
As the first Balamand master student in "Diagnostic Molecular Biology" track, it was hard to deal with so I had to overcome many academic and administrative challenges. But at the end, this experience was very helpful in my life: I am more confident in myself, in my practical work, in my way to convince others with my scientific opinions, the possibility to overcome any obstacles that can be faced...
Thus, I was able to elaborate my scientific way of thinking; in other words to resolve many scientific problems, to improve molecular techniques in order to obtain good results. Although I graduated, but I still have contact with my supportive supervisor and my thesis director who​se advices are very significant and helpful.  Finally, I am so proud to be a member of this big family and thankful for the experience I got and for the lessons I learned.

Wadih Radi
Medicine Students- FOM-UOB
My name is Wadih Radi, I got my BS degree in 2009 from the University of Balamand (Faculty of Health- Sciences, Medical laboratory Track). I applied to the Masters program and got accepted to work then on a final project titled Cathespins D, E and S as markers for breast cancer. Thanks to the University of Balamand and under the supervision of Dr. Elias Chalhoub, I had the opportunity to work on advanced techniques used for cellular protein extraction and analysis after mastering those techniques theoretically through the provided courses for the Masters program. After finalizing my project and graduating on August 2011, I joined the medical school also at the University of Balamand hoping also to succeed and be competent in my career.
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