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Laboratory Facilities

The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program focuses on production of leaders in service, research, and technology in the field of Laboratory Medicine. In the last two years, the Program has achieved the following:
  • Equipped and furnished the new FHS Laboratories at the Main Campus Kourah
  • Expanded Laboratories at Ashrafieh Campus to serve the undergraduate and graduate programs. The Facility currently includes a Molecular Biology Unit, a Microbiology Unit, and a Tissue Culture Unit.
The MLS laboratories are reinforced by a strong and diverse team with experience in the following areas: Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Cell biology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Biotechnology. Teaching laboratory sessions are an integral part of basic as well as clinically oriented courses.
The laboratories in the Faculty of Health Science and the Saint Georges Hospital University Medical Center are multidisciplinary; they are designed and equipped to cope with all the experiments that are carried out as part of the curricular requirements. The settings meet the needs of basic laboratory research work.
At FHS Achrafieh campus, the Faculty has 3 laboratory facilities: Biology laboratory, Chemistry laboratory and Cell Culture Unit. Each laboratory facility offers controlled conditions in which lab courses and scientific research may be performed.
Undergraduate students benefit from laboratory sessions associated with different courses such as biology, microbiology, phlebotomy, bacteriology, parasitology, clinical chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, clinical genetics, basic chemistry and organic chemistry.
Graduate students in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Diagnostic Molecular Biology and Clinical Microbiology Tracks) benefit from the following equipment and utilities to conduct their research: Thermal cycler and RT-PCR machine, Refrigerated centrifuges, Distilled Water Supply System, Spectrophotometers such as Nanodrop, Protein Blotting unit, Multi-plate Reader, Shaker Incubator, cell disruption unit, Air Clean workstation, Cryopreservation unit, Autoclave machine. Graduate students can also conduct in vitro experiments in the Cell culture unit.

At the Main Campus, the creation of two new FHS multidisciplinary laboratories (Biology and Chemistry) ensures the implementation of all MLS laboratory sessions currently established at the FHS Achrafieh campus. In addition, these multidisciplinary laboratories are available to all graduate students in Clinical Laboratory Sciences for their research projects.​

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