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The Nur sing Program is community-based and population-focused. It offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in English or in French, in partnership with St. George Hospital University Medical Center (SGHUMC). The Program was established in 1996 in Achrafieh- Beirut. In 2010- 2011, it was launched at the main campus in Al Kurah, North of Lebanon.

Nursing Program: Mission
The Nursing Program is dedicated to fostering quality nursing education and influencing the nursing profession and the health care environment in Lebanon and the region. This is done through embracing innovation in the delivery and management of evidence-based health care education underpinned by research and ethics.

The Program aims at providing a positive environment for faculty, staff, and students through enhancing leadership abilities, analytical and critical thinking, technical skills, and community involvement.

The Nursing Program believes that Nursing is both a scientific discipline based on scientific knowledge, values and ethics and a profession which aims at practicing the discipline. It also believes that Health is a basic social right where the needs of individuals, families, and communities are respected and attended to.

The Program intends to expand by offering specialized programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels complying with internationally recognized standards.

Nursing Program: Objectives
The UOB Nursing Program provides students with learning opportunities to:
  1. Demonstrate competence in professional nursing practice at the level of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills.
  2. Apply safe and evidence-based nursing care at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels across the lifespan of individuals and families and in community settings.
  3. Act as advocates for individuals, families, and communities especially for the very young, the very old, and the disadvantaged.
  4. Demonstrate leadership capabilities in health care management and service delivery.
  5. Pursue lifelong learning and self-development as well as research activities that widen nursing knowledge.
  6. Deliver healthcare services that are ethical and culturally sensitive.
  7. Reflect a professional image of the nurse in the society.
Nursing Program: Student Learning Outcomes
UOB nursing graduates will be able to:
  1. Integrate scientific and evidence-based knowledge in nursing care delivery.
  2. Demonstrate competency, dexterity, and confidence in overall nursing skills application.
  3. Embody the professional role of a caregiver, patient/family educator, patient/family advocate, and leader in the team work environment.
  4. Use critical thinking and analytical skills in the delivery of evidence-based practice that integrates physical, psychosocial, and spiritual dimensions.
  5. Demonstrate assertiveness by skillfully communicating with the patient and family as well as all the members of the health care team.
  6. Play a leadership role in problem solving, decision making, planning, time management, and delegation within the healthcare team.
  7. Deliver health care services taking into consideration cultural differences, human rights, and ethical principles.
  8. Respond appropriately to individual, family, and community needs at the level of direct care, health promotion, disease prevention, and rehabilitation.
  9. Demonstrate a sense of belonging and accountability to the Nursing profession and a commitment to its advancement.
  • Rizk, Ursula, RN, BSN, M.P.H. AUB; Assistant Professor; Director
  • Azar, Mathilde, Midwife, MSN, concentration Maternal & Child, DEA in Nursing, USJ; Lecturer, Assistant Director- French Section.
  • El- Moufti, Abdallah Bahia, RN, BSN, IBCLC, M.P.H. AUB; Lecturer, Assistant Director- English Section.
  • Sabbagh, Marie-Thérèse, RN, BSN, Master in Education; PhD in Education, Charles De Gaulle University – France; Assistant Director –Koura Main Campus.
  • Chakhtoura, Habib Hiba, RN, « Licence en Sciences Infirmières », MSN, USJ; Lecturer.
  • Gebran, George Vicky, RN, « Licence en Sciences Infirmières », MSN, USJ; Lecturer.
  • Sailian, Dakessian Silva, RN, BSN, M.P.H. AUB; Instructor.
  • Germanos, Peggy, RN, « Licence en Sciences Infirmières », DU Soins à l’enfant, MSN USJ; Instructor.
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