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Faculty Development & Research

A - Faculty research

  1. Chakhtoura Habib H ., & Assaad, N. (2013). Role of the nurse in making a change in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Lebanese Journal of Nursing,3: 17-20.
  2. Azar, M . (2011). Understanding the experiences of middle-aged Lebanese women in disclosing sexual concerns and seeking help. Lebanese Journal of Nursing, 2: 46-48.
  3. Azar, M., Gebran, V., Yeritzian, J., Ghosn, N., & Hamadeh, R. (2011). Determinants of low childhood immunization among Lebanese families in high-risk mohafazats in Lebanon. Lebanese Journal of Nursing, 2: 52-53.
  4. Abdallah, B. (2011). Structured scoping review of systematic reviews to evaluate outcomes of massage intervention on preterm and/or low birth weight infants. Lebanese Journal of Nursing,  2: 49-51.
  5. Sabbagh, M-T. (2011). Le rôle éducatif dans la formation initiale universitaire des infirmières au Liban. Approches et différences entre les institutions universitaires. Lebanese Journal of Nursing,  2: 93-95.
  6. Badr, K. L., Abdallah, B., & Purdy, I. (2011). Nursing Care in Lebanon: A Nursing Perspective. Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews,11(2): 88-94.
  7. Azar, M ., & Kurdahi Badr, L. (2010). Predictors of coping in parents of children with an intellectual disability: Comparison between Lebanese mothers and fathers. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 25(1), 46-56.
  8. Kurdahi Badr, L., Abdallah, B., Hawari, M., Sidani, S., Kassar, M., Nakad, P., & Breidy, J. (2010). Determinants of Premature Pain Responses. Pediatric Nursing, May/June, 36(3): 129-137.
  9. Badr Kurdahi, L., Rizk, U., & Farha, R. (2010).The divergent views of directors, nurse managers and nurses on the profession of nursing and the workplace: the case in Lebanon. Under review - Journal of Nursing Management, 18: 182–193.

Chapters in Books:

  1. June 2012 : B. Abdallah - Participated in translating 5 chapters from English to Arabic under the title “Breastfeeding Promotion And Support - In A Baby-Friendly Hospital - A 20-Hour Course For Maternity Staff” from a book guide developed by WHO and UNICEF (2009), Original BFHI Course developed in 1993. 

Sent for publication:

  1. Azar, M., Bradbury-Jones, C., & Kroll, T. “Patterns of help-seeking in women who have sexual dysfunction: A discussion paper”. Under preparation for publication in an international journal.
  2. Abdallah, B., Irani, J., Gebran, V., Sailian, S., & Rizk, U. “Nursing Faculty teaching Nursing skills to medical students: a Lebanese experience” . Research sent for publication.
  3. Abdallah, B., Kurdahi Badr, L., & Hawari, M. “The efficacy of massage on short and long term outcomes in preterm infants”. Accepted for publication at the Infant Behavior and Development journal. This study was funded by The University Research Council, the Balamand Research Fund UOBRC.

Research in progress:

  1. Azar, M., Sailian, S., Gebran, V., Chakhtoura Habib, H., and Kroll, T. “Nurses’ attitudes and beliefs towards sexual health assessment”. Grant received from BIRG.
  2. Azar, M., Gebran, V., Yeritzian, J., Ghosn, N., & Hamadeh, R. “Determinants of low childhood immunization among Lebanese families in high-risk mohafazats in Lebanon”.
  3. Azar, M., & international colleagues. “Nursing Survey for Disruptive/Abusive Situations”. Study conducted at the university hospitals in Lebanon. Analysis is ongoing. In collaboration with nurses from USA.
  4. Abdallah, B. The efficacy of preterm infant massage”. Part of the ongoing PhD dissertation.
  5. Azar M.Understanding middle-aged women’s help-seeking behaviour for sexual dysfunction”. Part of the ongoing PhD dissertation.
  6. Abdallah, B., Irani, J., Gebran, V., Sailian, S., & Rizk, U. “ Nursing faculty teaching Nursing skills to Medical students: a Lebanese experience ”.
  7. Abdallah, B., & Chemaitelly, H. “Attitude of University students towards domestic violence.

B - Faculty Capacity Development:

  • March 3, 2013:Hiba Chakhtoura attended a workshop on “Health Waste Management” organized by the Lebanese Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the UNDP; within the Project “Demonstrating and promoting Best Techniques and Practices for Reducing Healthcare Waste to Avoid Environmental Releases of Dioxins and Mercury”.
  • October 12-13, 2012: Silva Sailian, Hiba Chakhtoura, and Vicky Gebran attended the two days, 14 hour, “Basics of Mechanical Ventilation” course, delivered by LEAM in cooperation with SGHUMC, and UOB Faculty of Medicine, and Incentive Med Germany.
  • May 25-26, 2012: Vicky Gebran & Silva Sailian attended the two days’ workshop “3 rd Regional IDF Diabetes Workshop”, organized by the Lebanese diabetes Society, the International Diabetes Federation MENA, and the National Diabetes Program.
  • June 2011:Hiba Chakhtoura attended the “Nursing Informatics course” delivered by the Hariri School of Nursing – American University of Beirut (AUB).
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