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"Applying to universities is one of the challenging verdicts a student can confront and selecting the suitable one is probably even more strenuous. Personally, one of the Universities that were on my list was the University of Balamand, where I ended up going to for attaining my degree in Nutritional Sciences. Our campus, Faculty of Health Sciences, is not a very huge campus but it has a brilliant educational system. My major offers a variety of courses that are flexible, motivating, and everyday life associated that helps me in sharpening my personal potentials. What is also pleasing in this campus is the infinite range of activities accessible to all students regardless of their ideologies or religion, therefore providing a fascinating campus life. Our campus life is nourished by the closely knit relationships between students themselves and with the staff that gave me the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. In UOB, I strive for superiority and the facility to thrive in such a professional environment."

Maya Makarem

"In our faculty each student is considered as an active member of this small community...[and] is meant to be part of the academic and extra-curricular activities that the university organizes in order to unify the members of different departments of the faculty.  This fact provides students with steady bases which help them go through their future with full knowledge of what is waiting for them from commitments, obligations and of course team work in their humanitarian health occupations. The limited number of students in classes ensures that faculty members give each student his/her right in class to interact with the professors who are always ready to cooperate with students to make sure they get their full benefit from the information explained in class and from their academic experience as a whole."  

Sabeen Abd El Sater

"To live one must eat. But, we not only eat to live, what we eat also affects our ability to keep healthy, do work, to be happy and to live well. Knowledge of what to eat and in what quantities is a prerequisite to the healthy and happy life…" Here comes the importance of nutritional sciences.

If you are concerned enough to educate yourself about nutrition, the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Balamand provides all facilities to help you achieve your goals, since it is dedicated to offer high quality education in the field of nutrition and dietetics.
It accentuates on the planning and management of systems involved in the delivery of health services in our country. In fact, they contribute in the understanding of the relationships between nutrition and other diseases. In addition to that, the Faculty has a partnership with the Saint Georges Hospital University Medical Center, which exposes students to hands-on clinical and practical training.

Moreover, FHS provides simple and amusing life for the students as many academic, cultural, and social activities take place at the campus. The atmosphere at the university is very kind, encouraging, and friendly. Strong bonds exist between the faculty, instructors and students, hence, everyone strive in order to offer the maximum care, attention and help to scholars and teach them how to become highly skilled practitioners.

Pressila Derjani

"Nutrition Program at University of Balamand welcomes students with a genuine desire to learn from exceptionally gifted professional practitioners. With us you will acquire attributes, skills, and strategies that will enable you to make remarkable contributions to our society.

University of Balamand offers an intensive 3 years program that will provide you with the specialized skills needed to work as a clinical or private dietician. During this program, students learn about chronic conditions, anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. [There are…] courses [that] focus on food analysis, chemistry, and microbiology. Additional courses teach students how to make a diet for specialized type of population. Through training and practice, students also gain the skills and experience to work with geriatric patients and those with chronic conditions, such as hypertension or diabetes.

We understand that earning a degree is the first step you take towards your future. That's why we've designed our degree programs to maintain a balance between academic studies and real-world activities. Effectively, the University offers a training of 11 months in Saint Georges Hospital University Medical Center.

The learning environment is personally stimulating, the curriculum is academically challenging, the instructional strategies are purposefully engaging and the learning outcomes are professionally invaluable.

The Nutritional Sciences Program at the University of Balamand offers students a vast world of opportunities!"

Zeina Yassine & Faten Khadra

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