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Academic Programs

The Program offers a BS degree of 95 credits. This degree allows students to investigate the impact of development on the environment, and the complementary ways in which social and environmental conditions affect the health and welfare of society. Students learn how to assess public health needs, to respond to existing health and environmental challenges, and to prevent new ones from arising. The Program encourages students to get involved and make a difference, through service to their communities, volunteerism, and proactive citizenship.

The initial  BS curriculum consists of a multidisciplinary degree which can be completed in a minimum of three years. Dual degree programs and other tracks take longer, depending on circumstances. The learning environment is supportive, with one-on-one mentoring with professors, small-size classes, hands-on community experience, and trainings in leadership and teamwork skills. An important feature is the  project residency/internship​, in which students undertake a two-month internship. Placements are according to student interests, whether in industries, governmental or non-governmental organizations, and international bodies. For many students, the residency is a formative experience providing them with professional skills and contacts for future careers.

Dual degree Programs  offer PD students the opportunity to develop a broad foundation in Health Sciences, in which they can graduate with two undergraduate degrees over a (minimum) four-year period, depending on circumstances. Possibilities exist between Public Health and Development Sciences and Health Promotion, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nutritional Sciences ,and Nursing Sciences. The number of required credits for the second BS degree varies between 36 to 42 credits, depending on circumstances. For more information, click here.

Students interested in applying for admission to Medical school make undertake pre-medical courses that prepare students to sit the MCAT exam, along with their BS degree in Public Health and Development Sciences.

Check the following link for the Freshman requirements before proceeding to a degree in Public Health, click here.

Students taking any degree at the University may take a minor in Public Health. The Minor in Public Health is intended to introduce students from all degree backgrounds to the scope and concerns of the public health field, to contribute to their general education, and to encourage them to become informed and proactive in disease prevention and community development. For more information, click here.  

Information about the Master of Public Health (MPH) at the Faculty of Health Sciences can be found here.​

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