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Public Health and Development Sciences Program


WELCOME to the 
Public Health and Development Sciences Program (PD)
at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), University of Balamand

Public Health is concerned with population-based efforts to prevent disease and to encourage affordable, accessible, and sustainable interventions that allow individuals and communities to become healthier. There is increasing awareness globally of the importance of Public Health, and the value of Public Health as an instrument for change. Demand for graduates is growing and there are extensive employment opportunities. The Public Health and Development Sciences Program (PD) at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), University of Balamand gives students a solid foundation with which to begin a career in Public Health, whether they enter the employment sector directly, or pursue higher academic degrees.

The degree program offers a rich curriculum ​that exposes students to the variety of Public Health concerns, accompanied by field trips and a two-month internship with hands-on practice. The Program works in partnership with many stakeholders at the national, regional, and international levels, whose contributions enrich the exposure of students and faculty to current Public Health issues and practitioners, and encourage the development of collaborative research projects and community interventions.

Following the establishment of an initial undergraduate BS degree in Public Health and Development Sciences (PD) in 1996, the Faculty of Health Sciences has expanded its academic programs. The FHS currently offers many attractive options in this dynamic field: BS degrees in Public Health and Development Sciences (PD), Health Promotion (HP), Public Health BS degrees with a Pre-Med Preparation, Dual Degrees, a Minor in Public Health, and a Master of Public Health (MPH). Undergraduate degree programs are offered on three campuses of the University: Al Kurah, Achrafieh, and Souk El Gharb. The MPH is currently offered only at Achrafieh Campus. The language of instruction in all Public Health degrees is English.

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Mission Statement
The Public Health Programs at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) are dedicated to preparing qualified and committed professionals for effective engagement and leadership in public health through education, research, and community service. The Programs adopt a holistic approach to health challenges and promote partnerships between academia and the community. They encourage excellence and integrity, and seek to further ethical practice and social justice in public health. 

Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Development Sciences: Mission
The Bachelor of Public Health and Development Sciences Degree Program is committed to preparing undergraduate students to assume active roles in the health, environment, and development sectors in Lebanon and across the Middle East. The Program creates opportunities for advocacy, community service, applied research, multidisciplinary collaboration, and leadership. 


Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Development Sciences: Objectives

The Public Health and Development Sciences Program aims to: 

  1. Expose students to an in-depth understanding of the field of public health and its multidisciplinary components and provide knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world as it relates to individual and population health.
  2. Equip students with requisite tools to develop strategies and solutions that address public health challenges. 
  3. Offer opportunities to develop skills in inquiry and analysis, critical and creative thinking, written and oral communication, quantitative literacy, information literacy, teamwork, and problem solving. 
  4. Provide hands-on experiences to demonstrate know-how and to practice competencies through experiential learning, community service, field trips, and engagement with community partners. 
  5. Integrate professionalism and ethical values in education, research, and community service. 
  6. Develop and expand research capacities in public health and development. 
  7. Promote a culture of responsible citizenship, civic engagement, and advocacy for health and development. 
  8. Provide a stimulating environment for students, faculty, and staff that enables continuous growth and development. 


Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Development Sciences: Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss what public health is, and explain the inter-related roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders and agents in the sector. 
  2. Describe the multiple determinants of health, including social, cultural, behavioral, environmental and biological factors and discuss their interplay in local national and global health challenges. 
  3. Search for and identify relevant sources of data and information, and critically evaluate them. 
  4. Be familiar with the methods of epidemiology, and discuss their application to safeguard the population’s health. 
  5. Identify environmental risks that affect community health and outline approaches for assessing and controlling them. 
  6. Describe the impact of organizational structures, financing, management, and delivery of personal health care and public health services on population health. 
  7. Be familiar with and discuss research methods to address public health concerns. 
  8. Identify and discuss ethical concerns and conflicts of interest that arise in public health practice and research. 
  9. Value multicultural perspectives and sensitivities in health and development. 
  10. Develop communication skills, leadership skills, and skills in interdisciplinary collaborative teamwork. 
  11. Demonstrate attitudes, competencies, and knowledge to be advocates for improving population health.  

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