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Admissions & Financial Aid


Applicants are referred to the rules and regulations​​ of the University and the University Office of Admissions and Registration for full details of requirements for admissions, tuition, and financial aid, according to undergraduate or graduate degrees.


Scholarships and financial aid are available for all full-time students in all undergraduate programs at the Faculty, providing they are in good academic standing. The amount varies according to programs and circumstances.


  • Scholarships of 30% of tuition fees discounted at registration are automatically given to full-time students of good academic standing in undergraduate programs in Nursing (English and French), and Public Health.
  • Full tuition scholarships are open to 6 applicants studying for a BSc in Nursing at the Main Campus Al Kurah.
  • Students in all undergraduate programs are eligible for a merit award provided they achieve an academic average of above 85%, are full-time, and meet other qualifications.

Financial Aid:

  • Students in all undergraduate Faculty programs are eligible to apply for financial aid.
  • Students in all programs who are needy and who meet qualifications may apply for financial assistance the first semester they join the Faculty as full-time undergraduate students. Applications for financial aid need to be filled and submitted once every year.
  • Scholarships and financial aid can amount to up to 50% of tuition fees in undergraduate programs in Nursing and in Public Health.
  • Graduate students can apply for Graduate assistantships.

Student Employment:

  • Part-time employment opportunities of up to 15 hours per week are available to all full-time undergraduate students.
  • Full-time is defined as taking 12 credits or more per semester.

Faculty and staff at the Faculty of Health Sciences welcome any inquiries from prospective students concerning their applications and financial aid.

Come and talk to us about your needs. We would like to help!

Contact us: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                    Tel: +961-1-562 108/9; ext.: 5101/5102 (Achrafieh);

                           +961-6-931 952/3; ext.: 5203 (Al Kurah Main Campus)

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