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Experiential Learning Program

The Experiential Learning Program is a Program initiated and implemented by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) after the Faculty’s launch on the Main Campus in 2010.

The Program seeks to build and nurture collaborations and partnerships with health institutions and other partner settings in the North, where health professionals could be involved. Working on the basis that Experiential Learning improves learning through reflection on professional experiences, the Program tries to assure opportunities that go beyond classical training situations that could improve the academic and professional engagement of students in promoting health services within the community. This is integral to the mission of the FHS to foster professional competencies in the service of the community.


  1. Nurture effective relations and partnerships between the Faculty and different institutions in the North through active engagement in the activities of the Academic and Co-Academic Programs at the Faculty.
  2. Assure and promote clinical training and internship opportunities for students.
  3. Expose the students to clinical and other experiences that improve their professional education and their engagement in promoting health services and health professions.
  4. Enhance quality performance of health professionals by conducting joint educational, health development, and research activities with the health institutions.


Partnerships and Activities

  • Clinical training for students
  • Training for hospital staff
  • Joint community development activities
  • Collaboration with colleagues at health institutions to benefit from their professional expertise in academic settings.
  • Development of research projects


Building Partnerships with Hospitals

The collaboration with hospitals in the North was initiated through:
  1. Meeting with CEO’s and directors of hospitals in the North: On 12 July 2012, 26 participants from 20 hospitals in the North and Jbeil met at the University. They discussed the role of health professionals and the new challenges that health institutions affront, and the role of the FHS-UOB in promoting the capacities of health professionals and in developing the health services in collaboration with these health institutions.

  2. Visiting the hospitals to discuss possibilities of a specific collaboration with each hospital and to initiate relationships: during this stage 7 hospitals were visited.

  3. Organizing Preceptorship workshop (June 2013) with nursing directors and nurses from the 7 visited hospitals in order to initiate educational partnerships: The workshop aimed to introduce the Nursing Program and to train potential preceptors on providing clinical training to students.

  4. Responding to the request of health institutions: The Faculty has already received a request for training staff of a hospital in Tripoli.

Workshops for Hospital Nurses

  1. Physical Assessment Workshop (February 2011). Nurses from 10 hospitals attended the workshop.

  2. Oncology Nursing Workshop organized with the support of the WHO (February 2012). A total of 24 nurses from 11 hospitals attended the workshop.

  3. First Nursing preceptorship workshop in the North.


Surveys Followed by Workshops for Nurses in Community Settings
  1. School nurses:
    1. A study was conducted during December 2010-January 2011. A total of 56 private schools were contacted to detect the presence of school nurses and their training needs.
    2. A workshop was held on June 2011, for school nurses and social workers. A total of 20 participants from 15 private schools in the North and Jbeil attended the workshop. The workshop aimed to increase their awareness towards school environment and to promote their capacities in implementing health education activities. It also focused on the Management and Care of students with chronic diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, hemophilia, and thalassemia. A box of UOB tools was provided to each participating school.
  1. Nurses from Community health center:
    1. A study was conducted during March-June 2011 reaching private and public centers. A total of 58 nurses participated in the study based on their role and training needs.
    2. The workshop was held on 8-9 November 2012. A total of 33 nurses from public and private health centers from Akkar, Tripoli, Dennieh, Kurah, and Zgharta participated. Continuing education credits were granted from the Order of nurses.

Health Institutions Currently Involved in Activities

  1. The following is the list of the Health Centers whose nurses participated in the workshop that was held on 8-9 November 2012 (10 institutions-26 centers)

    Health Care Centers  
    Al Toubbiah El Islamiya 4 centers
    Azm wa Saada Health Centers 6 centers
    Caritas Health Center Daher El Ain
    Hariri Health Centers 3 centers in North
    Jihane Frangieh Center Zgharta
    Joint centers of Orthodox Archbishop and MOSA Fih-Kurah Rass Maska club and MOSA
    Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Minieh
    Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) Zghartha; Halba; Bkarzala; El Bireh; Bakhoun; Kferhazir
    Ordre de Malte Khaldieh Zgharta
    Orthodox Archbishop Cheikh Taba-Akkar; Rahbeh-Akkar


  2. The following is the list of hospitals whose directors and CEOs participated in the meeting that was held on 12 July 2012 (20 hospitals)

    Hospital Region
    Akkar Governmental hospital Halba
    Al Chifaa Hospital Tripoli
    Al Hanane Hospital Tripoli
    Al Rahal Hospital Halba
    Al Salam Hospital Tripoli
    Al Saydet Hospital Zgharta
    Al Youssef Hospital Halba
    Bourgi Hospital Amioun – Al Kurah
    Centre Hospitalier du Nord (CHN) Zgharta
    Ehden Governmental Hospital Ehden
    El Kheir Hospital El Minieh
    Emile Bittar Hospital Batroun
    Koura Hospital Aaba- Al Kurah
    Mazloum Hospital Tripoli
    Mounla Hospital Tripoli
    Nini Hospital Tripoli
    Notre Dame de la Paix Kobbayat
    Notre Dame Maritime – Jbeil Jbeil
    Orange Nassau Governmental Hospital Tripoli
    Tripoli Governmental Hospital Tripoli

  3. The following is the list of the schools whose Nurses participated in the workshop that was held in June 2011 (15 schools)

  4. Schools
    Al Monsif Secondary School - Al Monsif - Jbeil
    Collège de la Salle - Frères - Deddeh Kurah
    Frères Maristes - Aamchit
    Lady of Balamand - Balamand
    Lycée Franco-Libanais - Nahr Ibrahim
    Mar Maroun- Ste Famille - Tripoli
    Modern School - Miniara
    Notre Dame de Balamand French - Balamand
    Orthodox Secondary school - EL Mina
    Rawdat El Fayhaa School - Tripoli
    Saint Cœurs - Jbeil
    Soeurs Rosaire - Jbeil
    St Joseph- Pères Capuccins - Batroun
    St Pierre School - Amioun
    Universal School of Lebanon - Bterram
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