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An interview with SARA FAHS: from FHS UOB to a Research  PHD!
(Interviewed in April, 2014)

What have you been doing since graduation?

I graduated from FHS in 2011 with a BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences, PreMed Track. It took me time to graduate because I faced some financial and personal challenges, but this didn’t stop me.  I was quite aware that I wanted to continue my education, even if I couldn’t right away. I decided to take a masters course in biotechnology while I was still a senior undergraduate and that helped me to understand what would be my next steps.  On the last day of finals, I started work as a research assistant for a doctor at St. George Hospital University Medical Center. Meanwhile, I applied for a Masters, at the University of Central Lancashire, England.  I left Lebanon in 2012 and returned in 2013. My Masters really helped me to narrow my career interests...

Why a PhD?

First of all my rapidly growing interest in science, that’s on an academic level, but also my personal life. I didn’t have a very standard, normal life and being a girl who likes challenges, I wanted to take everything on my own. This pushed me forward, not just for the title, but to be part of a pioneering research is very exciting. Especially in cancer research, which is my main motive. Eventually, I would like to be a researcher within academia and have my own research group in chemistry and applied sciences.

Balamand was the only university in Lebanon that granted me the opportunity to shift from a background in literature to one in sciences. It gave me a chance to show that I can. I didn’t even know what an integral was in math! I faced many challenges and wasn’t necessarily on the Dean’s Honor list all the time. But it helped me to get to where I wanted to go and I am really happy with these choices and want to thank UOB!​


What will your PhD be about?

I will be doing research in an experimental wetlab which uses chemical biology tools to study phosphatase and design inhibitors in the context of cancer research, at The European Molecular Biology Lab (EMBL) in Germany.  This is a renowned, multidisciplinary institution which integrates computational genomics, chemistry, biology and molecular techniques to come up with innovative discoveries that have been published worldwide.  I am really lucky to have been accepted with scholarship and a stipend, too!

Do you have any suggestions for students?

Undergraduate students should critically reflect on what they want to do because there is a big world out there in health sciences. It strikes me that students are sometimes blinded by one field when there are many other exciting disciplines they could follow in healthcare.​

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