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Vaccines: are you up-to-date?

Be informed! Stay Healthy!
Many people wrongly assume that childhood vaccinations are sufficient to protect them against contagious diseases throughout their lifetime. However, immunity can decrease over time. Moreover, there are now vaccines that were not available when some adults were young. Older adults can also become more at risk to serious disease caused by common infections as they age (eg influenza and pneumococcus). In other words, you never outgrow the need for vaccines!

Youth and adults may need to have vaccines, whether boosters or new vaccines. Age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions and environment, type and locations of travel, and previous immunizations are all factors that determine which immunizations are needed.

Take this quiz to find out what vaccines YOU may need, and discuss with your healthcare provider or doctor to know your vaccination status and establish if you are protected.

Adapted from the Center for Disease Control 2013:

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