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SEED, which stands for the Service Experience: Education through Doing program, presents a mode of education in which students combine academic study with practical service work in the community. The service work is directly related to classroom content, and is intended to provide students with real life experience of their academic subject in addition to the good they do in the community. Moreover, their participation in communities with which they do not ordinarily come into contact encourages them to think about and discuss questions such as “what does it mean to belong to a community,” “what is the relation between a community and the larger society,” “how is citizenship fostered and developed through service,” and “what are the reciprocal rights and obligations of individuals to community and society.” These questions, and the issues that stem from them, are tied into the academic component of the course through reflection in the classroom—structured class time specifically devoted to thinking about the meaning of service and its relation to issues of citizenship as well as to course content. It is our hope that by combining citizenship and course content in this way, we may produce not only better prepared professionals, but also citizens who are conscious of their obligations to their community and committed to the preservation and building of a unified society.

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