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Tutorial Problem Solving Sessions

Coordinator: Mrs. Diana Boueiz.

The Faculty of Business and Management continuously strives for excellence in education. To help students in their academic performance through maximizing their potentials, the Faculty offers "Tutorial Problem Solving Sessions". Certain students are chosen based on their academic performance to help other students with solving problems pertaining to the following courses,
  • Microeconomics Econ211
  • Macroeconomics Econ212
  • Business Math QMET210
  • Accounting I ACCT210
  • Accounting II ACCT211
  • Finance FINE220
  • Statistics QMET215
  • Students will allocate six hours a week for his designated course. Three hours will be in a classroom, and the other three will be held in office number 130 (near the Business library).
  • The student should pass by the instructor of the course to give him the allocated days and time.
  • It is advisable that the student takes the problems with their solutions from the instructor a couple of days earlier so that the he has the chance to go over them.
  • If the student is asked a question pertaining to the material where he is unsure of the answer, he should tell his friends to refer to the instructor.
  • Complete coordination with the instructors is expected.
  • Instructors should notify the students in class of these sessions with the time and the specific classroom.
  • It is advisable that instructors post the name of the student and the timing on their office door, and another one should be posted on the door of office 130.
  • The three hours per week of classroom work is split into two sessions per week, each for one hour and a half. This is done to ensure that most students will be able to attend either session.
  • Instructors should choose the problems that they want the student to solve, and hand the student the solutions to these problems. This will insure that the student solves them correctly. It is advisable that instructors hand the problems with their solutions to the student a couple of days earlier so that the student has the chance to go over them.
  • There has to be complete collaboration between the instructor and the student. The student should only solve the problems assigned to him by the instructor.
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