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Challenges to Talents Acquisition and Retention

Organizations these days recognize that their talent gives them the competitive edge and employ various ways to attract the right ones. Especially in today’s market, good talents are reluctant to move and need to be swayed with more than an attractive monetary package. They seek out companies with values and mission that are aligned to their beliefs. Another challenge is retaining those talents the longest possible within organizations. Accordingly, a conference was held on April 22nd at the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Balamand to discuss the challenges to acquisition and retention of talents. The conference was attended by a group of HR professionals, HR graduate students, researchers in the field and academicians.

The conference started with a welcoming speech by Dr.Hala Khair, assistant dean, on behalf of Dr.Nasr, Dean of the faculty of business and management. Dr.Samer Nakhle, professor of HRM, gave an opening speech introducing the theme of the conference and exposing the different challenges organizations are facing to attract the right talents and the strategies that should be used to retain them. Dr.Ali Dirani presented the relation between staffing and the strategy of the company taking a private university in Lebanon as a case study. Dr.Noha Haidar showed how the different HR practices affect talent retention. Mrs.Pauline Sawaya showed how companies should uplift their HR department to respond to talent acquisition and retention challenges. Dr.Antoine Eid, then delivered a workshop on the effects of brain science on talent acquisition. Dr.Charbel Aoun then discussed the possible role of the labor law in talent acquisition and retention. Mr.Rabih Kfoury showed the mistakes committed by companies when trying to attract and retain talents. Mr.Haitham Saab showed how his company overcame the challenges of talent acquisition and retention. Mr.Emile Knaan talked about his experience in Australia showing that talents acquisition and retention depends a lot on the image and reputation of the company. Mr.Rani Zahed explained a performance model that could assist companies in retaining their talents. Finally, Miss Nidale Abou Mrad presneted a talent management solution and how it could be beneficial for companies in managing their talents..

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