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Course Outlines

The short course descriptions of all courses offered by the Faculty of Business and Management are listed in the University of Balamand catalogue. Professors are required to follow the published course description as guidance for course content.

All course outlines must contain:

  • Course code and title
  • Name of professor
  • Office location
  • Office telephone number
  • Office hours
  • Objectives of the course
  • Course description
  • Course schedule
  • Warning concerning academic behavior standards
  • Required text and list of suggested readings
  • Detailed schedule for the course, lecture by lecture, including
    • Date of lecture
    • Topic
    • Readings and Assignments
    • Exams and Reports deadlines
  • Method of evaluation and grade breakdown:
    • Assignments or major term paper or class project
    • Quizzes and Midterms
    • Final Exam


Cancellation of Classes

All classes that have been canceled for reasons other than official holidays must be made up for. The professor must advise the Dean of the date of the canceled classes and the measures that will be taken to make up for the lost sessions.


Drop-and-Add, Drop and Reading periods

The Drop-and-add period allows students to make final changes to the courses they have chosen when registering. They are only allowed to go through this procedure once during the drop-add period of the semester. Thus, the first two sessions of the given course should clearly state the course objectives and working methods.

The latest date for the Drop period is indicated in the University Calendar. A student who drops a course will be allowed to repeat it only once.

The Reading period allows students to study and prepare for final exams. This period must be strictly respected. Any make-up sessions should therefore be scheduled before that period.


Changes in Classrooms

Requests for changes of assigned classrooms are to be addressed, through the Dean, to the Dean of Admissions. All requests for change should be justified. Professors should realize that there are serious limitations that restrict the options for reassigning of classrooms.


Guest Speakers

Normally, guest speakers invited to speak at the university receive no payment. Outside experts invited by professors to share their expertise on relevant course matters are welcome.


Office Hours

A. Full-Time Professors

Every full-time professor at the Faculty of Business and Management must be available for consultation with students on a regular basis, normally for a minimum of one scheduled hour per course. Office hours must be posted outside the professor’s office and communicated to the students.


B. Part-Time Professors

Part-time professors at the Faculty of Business and Management are required to have one office hour per course for their students in an office provided by the Faculty.


Course Evaluation

Near the tenth week of each semester, the Faculty of Business and Management will arrange that students in each class be presented with Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is administered by a member of the staff. The professor is asked not to be present in the class room during the evaluation. The results of these evaluations are communicated to the Dean and the respective Professor following the end of the term.


List of Students

At the beginning of a semester, the professor receives a list of the students enrolled in his/her course. This is a preliminary list intended to inform the professor of students registration. A final list of registered students is normally given to the professor during the third week of the semester. Each professor should check this list against the students enrolled in the course and inform the Registrar immediately of any discrepancies.​

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