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Final Exams are scheduled, by the Registrar, during the official examination period as per the University Calendar. The Final Exam must under no circumstances be given outside the official examination period . For projects or take home assignments, the due date must not be after the end of courses. Under no circumstances may a Final Exam exceed 40% of the final grade. The professor must be present during the Final Exam. Under exceptional circumstances, if the professor cannot be present, he/she must find a replacement. Students who do not attend a regularly scheduled Final Exam should receive the grade F, for the course, unless the student has a valid reason, such as serious illness or death in the family. If this is the case, the student must submit a written justification within one week of the scheduled date of the exam to the Faculty Council, via the Dean. In case of illness, the student must submit a medical report from a qualified and registered doctor.  If the reason for missing the exam is justified, the student will receive an incomplete grade (I).


Exam Copies

If exams are to be submitted for typing, then professors should remit their exams for typing to the Faculty secretary at least two weeks before the exam date.


Submission of Grades

Instructors have to submit their final grades to the Dean’s office within 48 hours of the final exams date. Instructors should arrange for a convenient office presence to answer questions about the finals following the exams results.


Mid-Term Exams

Professors should schedule most of their interim exams before the Drop deadline scheduled by the university. Students who do not attend a regularly scheduled Mid-term Exam will be graded Zero for the missed exam.


List of results

At the end of each semester, the professor will receive a class list on which he/she must register the student’s results. Exams should be retained by the professor for student review purposes for at least one month after the exams. Exams should then be remitted to the Faculty secretary.


Final Evaluation

Grading policy of the course is stated in the Course Syllabus.

The grade of the Final Exam should not exceed 40% of the Final Grade. The passing grade is specified in the University Catalogue for each course.

The grading scheme must be similar in the various sections of the same course, and it is the responsibility of the Dean to ensure uniformity. The professor may not change weightings of each component after the Course Syllabus is distributed to the students. The Syllabus should be understood as a contractual arrangement between the professor and the student.


Revision of Results

Upon request, the Faculty allows students to see all assignments, exams or tests. Students can appeal grades with which they are not satisfied, provided they submit to the Dean’s Office a written request for revision, no later than two weeks following the first notification of the grade in question. Once the final grades have been submitted, any changes must be submitted to the Dean using the “change of grade” form available from the Faculty secretary.


Plagiarism and Fraud

All students found guilty of plagiarism or fraud  in an assignment or exam are subject to disciplinary measures. The professor must inform the Dean of all instances of plagiarism or fraud. (For details regarding disciplinary measures , consult the University rules and regulations). The professor should retain any evidence deemed relevant to the accusation.

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