Why Balamand DBA-Lyon3?

  • A new paradigm shift
    • The rapid pace of change in today’s world of business has resulted from the new competitive environment, high division of labor, and innovation. The liberalization of world market coupled with the internationalization of large organization and with quick access to information, resulted in no protection from competition no matter where you are
  • From Beirut to Asia via the Middle East, the road map is continuously changing and many companies feel the pressure to survive and better yet to develop and grow. Therefore, companies have to continually acquire and develop the necessary resources, and also implement strategies effectively to ensure that they sustain their completive advantages for the short, medium and the long run
  • At the Faculty of Business and Management, we see huge opportunities in this borderless society and the Balamand-Lyon 3 DBA is our answer to the challenges facing today’s businesses
  • With the emphasis on the Social Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) a new paradigm shift is taking place. While other management theories and assumptions are more related to short term cost reduction, SEAM integrates the social, human and innovational dimension into the equation for enhanced economic performance. With such analysis, the result to the organization for the long run are rewarding for shareholders, employees, and end users
  • The DBA will deliver to its holder detailed step by step tools which will align all resources and involving all contributors and players so ​the organization’s vision is met..

  • A new generation of leaders
    • You are the new leader that the business will rely on to take it to the next stage. You will be the person equipped with knowledge and know how. You are the person responsible to transform the enterprise from commonly encountered value-added tasks to high value-added activities
    • You will be one of the first in the Middle East Region to be qualified in SEAM methodology and hence a pioneer with a competency to transform your organization “from good to great”. It is no longer sufficient for an organization to adapt in order to survive. The organization must play an active role in the change
    • You are the new scholar who will question the current state of the organization and explore novel solutions. You might be the future professor who will deliver up-to-date teaching materials that are anchored to real and practical problems. Problems that are authentic, relevant, and lived daily. You will be the one offering solutions which would make a difference
    • In essence you are a part of what we call an “Innovative DBA with Impact”
  • ​​​​​​​​