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In line with its mission of protecting the Lebanese Environment, the University of Balamand has recently embarked on a project whose primary objective is to transfer the "Solar Ponds " technology to Lebanon. This project, which is financed with the Greek Ministry of  Foreign Affairs, under its Development Assistance Committee (DAC) programme, is to run for eighteen month through a partnership with the Greek Inter-Disciplinary Institute for Environmental Research (INIER) as well as two expert Italian companies, namely; APRIambiente SRL and CRS4.


What are Solar Ponds?
Solar Ponds are large masses of saline water which are used to collect and store the sun's energy over long periods of time. They work on principle of suppressing the convection circulation currents within the body of water, thereby permitting energy to be stored within the lower layers of the pond at temperatures reaching at times 90 to 95o C. The energy collected may then be used in a number of ways which do not require high temperature energy such as domestic heating, green-house, air-conditioning, industrial process heat, and even power generation.


An extensive survey will take place in order to define the suitable areas in Lebanon where the desalination installation will be established. Several physical, hydro-meteorological, cartographic, institutional and socioeconomic data will be collected and the project will result in designing the desalination Plant

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