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SOLAR PONDS - Performance Parameters

The selection of and optimum site for location a solar pond which is to be used for desalination has to be performed following the acquisition and mitigation of different data compiled from each site under consideration. These are given here-under:

Geographical Data: Accurate geographic position of each site will be obtained in terms of latitude and longitude using Global Positioning Systems (GPS). In addition, the surface area and geometry of the land will be acquired.

Geological Data: For each site, three bore-holes will be drilled in order to assess the soil property profiles (Soil type and composition, density, moisture content, etc).

Thermo-physical Data: Soil temperature profiles, as a function of depth, will also be measured for each site, the thermal conductivity will also be reported. The other two will go to a depth of 5m.

Water Table Depth: A bore-hole at each site will be drilled all the way to the water table or to 25 m, whichever occurs first.

 Economic Data: Land-costs data will be reported for each of the three localities.

 Climatic Data: Weather data in terms of daily, monthly and yearly figures will be incorporated.

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