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SOLAR PONDS - Setting Up the GIS

The starting point for setting up the solar pond GIS was to put in place accurate maps for Lebanon which include some local administrative details. Lebanon is divided into six Muhafazas, large administrative regions, which in turn are sub-divided into a total of twenty six Cazas, smaller regions with identifiable specificities in terms of demography, social economics, geo-physics, etc. These entities are essential in a GIS so as to allow their linking to other factors influencing the performance of a solar pond. The GIS center at the University has such information available and these were put at the disposal of the project.

In addition, since the positioning of a solar pond is a function of the geological characteristics of the land, 1:20,000 geological maps for the Northern Lebanese Coast, were acquired, digitized and uploaded on the GIS. This figure shows such maps as they appear on the GIS. In principle, these maps could be consulted in the initial stages of the solar pond positioning exercise but care should be taken since soil layers below the surface could be very different.

The next step was to incorporate the site plans at their respective locations and indicate locations of individual bore holes. This was successfully accomplished using the surveyor’s coordinates and GPS data of the boreholes. These Figures (onetwothree ) give such details for sites no. 1, 2, and 3 respectively. With bore holes in place, geo-physical measurements were linked to each bore hole together with property graphs, soil profile pictures and other relevant descriptive details.

The subsequent figures (four, five, six, seven) show typical screen shots obtained from the GIS in relation to site no. 1 at Anfeh. Similar results can be obtained for the other two sites or any sites added for future consideration.










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