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SOLAR PONDS - The Balamand Project Team

The Balamand workforce selected to run the project has been drawn from a multiplicity of disciplines and is diverse in its talents and possesses a spectrum of skills and abilities. an efficient management structure has been implemented to enable the timely delivery of the wide and specific programme objectives.

At the very top of the Balamand team is the Project Coordinator: Dr. Nadim Karam, Vice-President and Dean of Health Sciences Faculty. He assumes overall responsibility of the project at both institutional and external levels.

Dr. Oussama Jadayel, Associate Professor of Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering and Chairman of the Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering Departments. He is responsible for all matters of implementations, planning and execution.

 Dr. Nariman Khalil, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. She provides advise, knowledge and support to the project.

Mr. Fadi Azba BS in Mechanical Engineering. He was appointed as a Research Assistant  to   over-see that specific tasks are carried out promptly and up to the delivery standard.

Rami Sawaya and Maurice Attieh: Research Students.

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