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Petroleum Lab

The Petroleum lab includes pilot-plant scale equipment that represents unit operations found in industrial settings. This includes an ebulliometer and distillation (both plate and packed columns), gas liquid absorption, and liquid-liquid extraction. This facility is specifically designed to introduce students to larger scale industrial processes commonly encountered by chemical engineers.

At the same time, the petroleum lab offers the students a unique learning experience with its equipment for testing and studying the properties of petroleum products (diesel, fuel, gas oil, kerosene, gasoline, bitumen, crude oil, LPG etc…). In the future, this lab could also offer commercial testing services to companies and industries.

Liquid Liquid Extraction Gas Liquid Absorption
Multi-Purpose Distillation Ebulliometer
ASTM Distillation Reid Vapour Pressure Bath
Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Active cool Flash Point Tester
Viscometer Bath Cloud and Pour Point
Oxidation Stability Cone Penetrometer
Oil Test Centrifuge Cone Penetrometer
Copper Corrosion Bath Existent Gum Solid Block Bath
Digital Density-Meter Sulfur content
Dual Twin Foam Test Baths Automatic Oil Tester
Automatic Colorimeter Portable Octane analyzer
Aniline Point Twin-Column Adsorption Apparatus
Freezing Point Conradson Test Unit

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