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Program Outcomes

The graduate from the Engineering Management program is an engineer who can:
  • Model and solve mathematically engineering problems of deterministic nature (focus on linear programming, integer programming, goal programming, multi-objective programming, etc…).
  • Model and solve mathematically engineering problems of stochastic nature (focus on queu​ying theory, markov chain theory, Monte Carlo simulation, etc…).
  • Model and solve mathematically engineering problems of network nature (mainly maximum flow, minimum spanning tree, transportation problems, scheduling problems, shortest path, minimum cost flow, etc…).
  • Model and solve mathematically engineering problems of decision nature (mainly multi-attribute utility theory, analytic hierarchy process, simple multi-attribute rating system, outranking methods, decision matrices, etc…).
  • Design experiments and perform advanced statistical analyses.
  • Model and solve mathematically engineering problems of heuristic nature (mainly artificial intelligence), or fuzzy nature (fuzzy set theory).
  • Demonstrate acquisition of professional project management skills, chiefly planning, scheduling, preparing procurement documents, bidding, cost estimating, budgeting, controlling the project objectives (cost, time and quality), and communicating.
  • Apply risk management to multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Utilize financial, accounting and administrative management knowledge.
  • Apply engineering economy with advanced project life cycle cost analysis.
  • Apply advanced project management skills, such as critical chain management, and cost/time trade-off.
  • Acquire the professional skills needed for the PMP certification exam.
  • Apply modern techniques in human resources, team building, and motivation theories, and leadership.
  • Acquire leadership and professional skills.
  • Acquire operations management skills.
  • Understand strategic management.
  • Apply sustainability in engineering.
  • Acquire maintainability and reliability knowledge.
  • Behave ethically, professionally, and responsibly.
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