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Department of Electrical Engineering

Enrollment in the department started in 1992. This department provides students with strong skills for the development of technology, materials, and products that improve the quality of life. This preparation covers the generation and transmission of power, the control and utilization of natural and manmade resources, the development and communication of data, the design and use of medical instruments, and the intelligent use of computers in consumer appliances and industrial applications. 
The students develop highly competitive theoretical and applied skills essential in design, production, testing, operation, and project management in the various fields of science and technology. For example, the graduating Electrical Engineer is prepared to design and implement a fiber-optic module, to develop and program a computer control system, to plan and supervise the electrical distribution, and to design and assist in the operation of medical instruments. 
The undergraduate program provides students with a broad base of Electrical Engineering fundamentals during the first three years of study. In the graduate program, and in addition to a general Electrical Engineering option, the prospective student will choose one of the following options:
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Control and Robotic Systems Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Telecommunication Systems Engineering
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