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Prof. Fares’ Book Offers Practical Alternatives

In his Practical Approximate Analysis of Beams and Frames, Civil Engineering Professor Nabil Fares presents a new method for structural engineers to approximately analyze the mechanics of beam and frames. He wrote the book, he says, with his own students in mind.

However, the 400-page volume published in June of 2012 by the American Society of Civil Engineering offers very practical alternatives to structure engineers.  The book is now available on Amazon.

The novelty in Prof. Fares’ method is that it is relatively short and simple, and offers good analysis accuracy applicable to practical problems. “The methods in this book are an illuminating and time-saving addition to traditional computer calculations,” says the Amazon description.

In engineering, says Prof. Fares, “because of the complexity of our structures, we rely a lot on computer analysis without having good ways to determine the validity of the results. Traditionally, this validity check is provided by engineers with experience. I decided to develop ways to allow new practitioners to approximately verify their computer output and the result of my efforts in this regards is this book.”

Using Prof. Fares’ approximate analysis method, engineers sketch the deformations of beams and frames, with an emphasis on qualitative precision.

Professor Fares is a graduate of the doctorate program in Structural Mechanics at MIT. He joined the University of Balamand in 2004.
For those interested in perusing the book, a copy is available at the university library in the reserved section under his name.
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