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Academic Program

In the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, academic goals and objectives are approached and achieved through a modular integrated curriculum that advocates:

  1. Character building in favor of responsible behavior, professionalism, ethics, advanced internal accountability, perpetual lifelong learning, advocacy, commitment to human rights, and proactive community involvements;
  2. Dynamic integration of basic and clinical medical and health sciences with actual clinical training with emphasis on the integral relationship between basic medical sciences and social sciences in building intellectual and professional capacity problem solving skills;
  3. Early exposure to the fields of medical practice;
  4. A learning perspective and approach that emphasizes the importance of team dynamics and spirit and the value of distant learning and appropriate use of interactive electronic resources;
  5. Emphasizing the value of sciences, research and excellence with particular emphasis on the multidisciplinary perspective of medicine and health and the fundamental leadership role of the physician in team dynamics;
  6. Empowering students to find value and reward in doing the same with peers, team members, patients, family members and the community at large;
  7. Building problem solving and fact-finding capacity with particular emphasis on evidence as an integral and fundamental component of decision-making;
  8. Taking advantage of the information revolution and learning successful innovative approaches to medical education.
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