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Job Prospects for Science Graduates

The wide spectrum of knowledge that a degree in Science can offer is a major asset for the employability of Science graduates. The multidisciplinary nature of any degree in Science provides Science graduates with the unequalled skill of multitasking and the ability to look at life problems with various angles. Therefore, he market is full of opportunities for a Science graduate and can accommodate all levels of expertise that accompany each degree level. All the potential fields of employment listed below represent a small fraction of the possibilities and can be considered by holders of BSc, MSc and even PhD Science degrees.

Ask us for more details regarding any of the jobs below.

Degree in Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Sciences:

Aquatic Biologist Geneticist
Biologist or Chemist in Research Labs Histologist
Biostatistician Hydrobiologist
Biotechnologist Industrial Hygienist
Botanist Manager of Natural Resources
Chemistry Production manager Medical Laboratory Professional
Ecologist Medical Representative
Ecotoxicologist – Environmental Scientist Medicinal Chemist
Educator Microbiologist
Entomologist Pharmaceutical Research Associate
Expert in Autopsy Physiologist
Expert in Bioinformatics Quality Assurance Auditor
Expert in Food Chemistry Water Conservation Specialist
Expert in Food Security Water Industry Chemist
Expert in Water Purification Water Industry Laboratory Technician
Forensic Biologist Water Quality Specialist
Forensic Chemist Water Resource Planner

Degree in Physics:

Acoustician Laser Technician
Aerodynamicist Medical Imaging Technician
Astronomer Nanoscience Technician
Audio-Visual Technician Physicist - Electro-magnetism
Biomedical Physics Technician Physicist - Generalist
Biophysicist Physicist - Mechanics
Educator Physicist - Nuclear Physics
Energy Physics Technician Physicist - Optical
Expert in Electronics Physicist - Thermal
High Energy Physics Technician Physics Laboratory Technician
Industrial Computing Radiotherapy Technician
Industrial Electronics Technician Telecommunication Technician
Laboratory Materials Technician

Degree in Mathematics:

Actuary Expert in insurance accounting
Analyst Programmer Financial Auditor
Budget Analyst Investment Analyst
Cost Estimator Statistician
Database Administrator Statistician Economist

Degree in Computer Science IS or SE:

Commercial Banking Computer Programmer Modeler
Control Programmer & Operator Network Administrator
Database Administrator Network and Telecom Technician
Database Developer Networks Designer
Database Specialist Networks Installer
Educator Programmer
Entrepreneur - Computer Scientist Programmer Analyst
Game Developer, Designer & Artist Responsible For Computer Security
GIS Specialist (Geographic Information Systems) Responsible for Web Security
Hardware Engineer Scientific Analyst Applications
Head of IT Group Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Helpdesk Technician Seller Micro-Computer and Multimedia
IT Consultant Software Engineer
IT Operations Manager System Analyst
Laboratory Software Administrator Web Designer
Maintenance Technician Web Developer
Mobile Application Designer
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