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Drizzle ‘n’ Sizzle Wiz Ze Expertz

Date: April 8th, 2014

Through its School of Tourism and Hotel Management, the University of Balamand emphasizes on the importance of the hospitality industry as an element in cherishing life by providing intangible services and memorable experiences. The School’s objective and action plan always focus on creating a sweet avant-goût to its students by building bridges between its program and the Industry.

“Drizzle ‘n’ Sizzle Wiz Ze Expertz” is an event held every semester in which a
well known Chef (so called Ze Expertz) executes an exceptional menu demonstrating his/her creativity and expertise to the School’s students. This semester, we were honored to host Mr. Marc Fontenelle, the Executive Chef at the Mövenpick Hotel and Resort, Beirut. Students were fortunate to work with Chef Marc with all professionalism to ensure that the dishes were flawlessly served on time. The menu engineered by our Guest consisted of: 

  • Mise-en-bouche: ceviche of baby prawns, Accra salted cod fish & Gazpacho Shooter,
  • Starter: Carpaccio of Tuna and Compote of Ratatouille,
  • Main course: Medallion of US prime beef, with Lobster tail with squid ink risotto and saffron emulsion,
  • Dessert: Pomme à la Pomme  revisitée.

The Students organized and equipped everything for the event in advance which resulted in an orderly and well planned day. During the preparations, they divided the tasks among themselves, in which each group focused on a specific duty. They had to advertise for the event at the University and through social network, design the menu, decorate the restaurant, set up the appropriate music, and prepare the different souvenirs offered to the guests and to the Hotel’s staff.

In the kitchen, the interaction and communication was fascinating. Chef Marc delightfully insisted on involving all the students in the preparation of each dish, its mise- en-place and various cooking methods. Students became familiar with new techniques, for instance cleaning and preparing lobsters, making macaroons, coring and designing an apple and many more. Due to the unique characteristics of the meal, service had to be very delicate and the students were well trained and exceeded the guests as well as the Chef’s expectations. The feedback received was exulting.

At the Pastry, Chef Ali was very interactive and easily bonded with the students by dividing all the tasks among them and was so organized in his guidance and explanation. He was generous to reveal his Macaroons recipe so each student was amused by preparing his/her own Macaroons.  

In an interview with the Director of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Dr. Hamid El Debs, he explained that the menu had an educational approach and required a lot of tactics because it was sophisticated and exposed new trends (such as the Gazpacho Shooters).  He enjoyed the entire menu and thought it was done perfectly due to the smooth coordination in the kitchen.

“Drizzle ‘n’ Sizzle Wiz Ze Expertz” was a remarkable success that delighted everyone and once again thrilled the guests with students’ capabilities. Participants, guests, and instructors were all pleased with the outcome of the event especially the Hotel’s General Manager Mr. Pasquale Baiguera.

Our fans on Facebook, our friends, new students, staff, and faculty members even the industry professionals all look forward to the next fall semester and remain excited waiting for Mr. Laurent Yacoub to reveal the curtains on the identity of the next Expert-Chef. “Drizzle ‘n’ Sizzle Wiz Ze Expertz” became a culinary/educational event to follow… proudly made in Balamand.  
























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