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Drizzle ‘n’ Sizzle Wiz Ze Expertz - MAYRIG

Date: December 4th, 2014

Those of us studying and working in the Hospitality industry cannot but notice the necessity and need for change, innovation and keeping up with trends. The Restaurant Management class prepare each semester a project that benefits everyone participating in it. Drizzle‘n’Sizzle Wiz Ze Expertz has proven to be a real success for four consecutive semesters.

Although the students may not be professionals yet but this experience helps them discover new opportunities by preparing, cooking and serving dishes with distinguished and remarkable Chefs. 

This semester, we were honored to host Mr. Elie Merhi the Head Chef at Mayrig restaurant. Students were fortunate to work with him at the same time learning about the different ways in cooking Armenian food. The menu created by our guest consisted of:

  • Salad: Itch (Armenian Tabbouleh)
                            Vospi Salad (Lentil Salad)
  • Entrée:             Gdzou Patates (Spicy Fried Potatoes)
                            Soujouk Fekhara (Armenian Beef Sausage with Tomato Sauce)
                            Mante (Minced Meat Dumplings, Tomato Sauce and Yogurt)
  • Main Dish: Kabset Fishna (Molded Pilaf Rice with Wild Sour Cherry Kebab and Crispy    
                            Bread Served with Yogurt)
  • Dessert: The Sultan’s Delight (Ashtalieh Topped with Apricot Coulis, Pistachios and Fresh Ashta)
  • Beverage: Mayrig’s special Fishna Juice

Drizzle’n’Sizzle Wiz Ze Expertz was a success that delighted participants as well as guests and the Mayrig team. Not only it was a great achievement but it brought out the best of each student in terms of dedication, teamwork, passion and capabilities. The establishment of such project is demanding yet worthwhile at the same time. It makes students happier, confident and deeply in love with the Tourism and Hospitality major.

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