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DEPICT 0.1 : A Modeling Language for Constraint Satisfaction Problems

SUBMITTED BY: Abdulwahed Abbas
University of Balamand

Edward Tsang
University of Essex, UK

ABSTRACT: The past decade saw rapid progress of constraint satisfaction technology. Many practical algorithms have been developed to solve larger and harder problems. The degree of maturity this technology has so far reached begs the support of well-established software engineering tools. This paper targets a formal specification language to help in specifying (and therefore solving) constraint satisfaction problems. Towards this goal, this paper introduces the language DEPICT 0.1, illustrates its use through the specification of a few selected benchmark examples, and concludes with an approach to a realization of this language, which is (again) illustrated through suggestive implementations of some of the above examples.

Keywords: Constraint Satisfaction, Languages, Formal Specifications, Typed Predicate Calculus.
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