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SUBMITTED BY: Daniel Ayush
University of Balamand

ABSTRACT: The modern narrative analysis came into light in the second half of the last century for the study of non-religious texts. However, its application on Biblical accounts during the last two decades has opened a new approach to the Bible and its richness. In contrast with the classical historical – critical methodology, which studies the formation of the text and its historical background, the narrative analysis is rather based on reception aesthetics and investigates the text synchronically, i.e., in a certain stage of edition, which is usually the final one.

Taking as illustrations the pericope of the miraculous fishing (Luke 5:1-11) and the entire book of Revelation, this study shows two different ways of applying the narrative theory on short paragraphs and on macrotexts. The plot and the characters together with the narrative time and place guide the reader through a marvelous “fictional wood” (Umberto Eco) that enriches the reader’s imagination and moves him/her to act in real life. Creativity and reality meet in the powerful world of narrative for the sake of reassuring, correcting, admonishing and / or enlightening the human mind.

To which extent is theology aware of the importance of the narrative discourse? Is it possible to make use of this criticism in the Arabic speaking world? How can theology and pastoral care profit from this method? These and other issues will be considered in the presentation in order to show the benefits of Narrative Analysis to Eastern Christianity.

Since the narrative analysis must adapt to the characteristics of a certain language and since this study addresses Eastern Christianity, the presentation will be given in Arabic.

Keywords: Narrative analysis, biblical exegesis, linguistic methods, reception aesthetics, hermeneutics
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