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SUBMITTED BY: Fadila Dabboussi
University of Balamand

ABSTRACT: “A super microchip or a brand new operating system doesn’t mean as much to the guest, nor does money-saving energy management technology or a super new sprinkler system. It’s what’s inside the guestroom that counts, and that’s why guest room technology is the focus of the future” (Christmas, 1999, Talking to yourself section, para 3). Recent surveys showed that the world’s most demanding travellers are about to become even more demanding about their needs in the future. As a result, the average hotel room is undergoing a variety of changes with technology being the main reason behind such changes. Among others, changes include advances in communication and information technology, transportation, medicine, recreation equipment, the natural sciences, built environments and automation. The objective of this paper was to present some of the new technological advancements that guests of the new millennium could expect in their rooms. The material presented was the result of an extensive secondary research of literature on recent technological advancements in the hospitality industry in particular. It is hoped that the material presented in this paper help hospitality ‘enthusiasts’ understand and prepare themselves for the need of not only their current guests but also potential guests.
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