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A Novel Spectral Queuing Theory (SQT) and its Impact on Future 4th Generation Networks

Thursday, March 27, 2008 from 12:30 PM till 2:00 PM at the Jacobo Auditorium

SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Jihad Daba
University of Balamand

ABSTRACT: We developed a new theory termed "Spectral Queuing Theory (SQT)" which is in essence a Frequency Domain Approach (FDA) to performance analysis in networks. This new theory allows the ubiquitous Fourier transform to explore yet a new field, that of queuing analysis of network traffic, with the ultimate goal of quality of service (QoS) evaluation and performance analysis of network equipment. The theory allows for the development of DSP filters that are virtually equivalent to network node equipment (a queue being the basic element), thereby creating a new era of network traffic analysis amenable to development as signals in DSP systems. SQT has the potential to take advantage of a number of patent-pending technologies that allow queues to be integrated with fast FFT chips, thus speeding up internet networks and making the implementation of the IPv6-based 4G system closer to becoming a reality.
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