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Next Generation Networks: Mobility And Integration Architecture

SUBMITTED BY: Ms. Nadine Akkari
Faculty of Engineering
University of Balamand

ABSTRACT: In next generation networks, the problem of providing a transparent and fast vertical handover for a mobile user roaming between different access networks is of great importance. In fact, performing vertical handover and providing the necessary QoS and resources for an ongoing connection is the key issue in next generation networks. In order to reach a vertical Handover, many works have been conducted in order for the handover to be transparent and fast with respect to the mobile node.

The vertical handover should also be performed without QoS degradation. To satisfy the required QoS, we propose an anticipated handover which is based on a specific admission control strategy and resource mapping done prior to handover. This is also based on fast handover and context transfer protocols. This anticipated handover allows the mobile node to keep the already established QoS and to maintain the current session in the new network without QoS degradation. This is achieved through the addition of a inter Domain management module (IDM) at the gateway of each wireless network in order to ensure the interconnection of future heterogeneous all-IP based networks satisfying the mobile node services .
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